Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Hayden!

I don't have any really recent pictures of Ray's son Dan's little boy, Hayden, but here is one of him taken while they were visiting us in September. Today is his first birthday! They sent a video about a month ago of him, not just walking...but running around at 11 months old! We figured it wasn't going to take him too much longer, he was almost walking back in September already. He's such a little cutie-pie and we miss him very much. I wish he could be here for Christmas. Maybe next year.
I'm working on getting a birthday/Christmas package out to Dan, TerriAnna and Hayden in OR. I have Hayden's presents all ready to go, but have nothing in the box for his parents' Christmas present yet. Obviously, they will not receive this package in time for Christmas, but I'll get it sent out as soon as I can. I'm really bad about those things. I always intend to get them sent on time, but I always want to add "just one more thing", so it's coming...
While I'm at it, I should send a belated Happy Birthday to my sister, Connie (who's birthday was on Sunday), and a Happy Birthday to my brother Dan, who shares a birthday with Hayden today. Yes, I have a brother Dan, a step-son named Dan and now a step-son-in-law, also named Dan. It gets a bit confusing around here at times.


Qtpies7 said...

You should stop by my house, I have something for you that may help fill that box. $$

sbpaulson said...

The pic on my blog was from when we visited our grandparents in Litchfield. We are still coming on Saturday. I will be bringing some cookies. Anything else we should bring?

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to Hayden! :) Cute picture of him!

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