Monday, December 8, 2008

The Weekend is Over ~ Part 2

On Sunday, Sarah , my dd Molly and I sang with the "Granite City Sound" chapter of Sweet Adelines. Her mother is a part of it, and many years ago, my mother was too. We have been practicing with them for the past 2 months for their annual "Christmas Tea". The first time I went, Ray was coming home late and I didn't want to leave Molly alone that long while I was going to be an hour away from home, so I took her with me. She was being a real "pill" when we first got there, and saying things like, "Why am I here?", and just generally being an obnoxious tweenager.

After we started singing, Joan, the director, noticed that Molly was singing along with us. She ran and got her some music. That got a smile out of Molly, and after a little while, Joan asked her if she wanted to join us on the risers and sing with us. She was thrilled. As I shared earlier, I used to go along with my mom when I was not much older than she is...and I would have LOVED it if someone had invited me to sing with them back then. Anyway, she seemed to lose interest in it after a while, and she missed the last couple of practices. I figured she had decided she didn't want to sing with all of us "old ladies" (as she calls us), after all. So on Sunday, when we picked her up from her friends house, and she was wearing this pink velour sweat suit thing that her friend's sister had given her, I didn't really think twice about her wearing it to the show.

We "guests", which included 10 of us that were not actual members of Sweet Adelines were supposed to dress in red tops and black bottoms for the show. The members all had matching red pant suits. Oh...and we all got adorable Santa hats to wear for the show too. Anyway, after we got to the church where we were setting up for the performance, the director asked Molly if she was going to sing with us. Molly told her she didn't have any other clothes along, and Joan said that was fine. Molly stands in the front row, and I thought it looked a little weird myself, but oh well. It went just fine. This is what we looked like:

Here's a close-up of Sarah and me in our lovely Santa hats. Don't we look festive?

Our good friends, Jody and Lisa came to see the show, to cheer us on too. They sat at a table with my dh Ray, Sarah's dad, her hubby Terry, and two of her little kiddos, Caleb and Maddie. Caleb is so funny sometimes. During an accordian number by some of the SA members, I whispered to Caleb, "What are you doing?" He whispered back, "Running around". And after the show was over, I walked over to the table, where Jody was holding little Maddie. She reached up with her little arms and cried, "Mommy!" Sarah had run to the bathroom right after we were done singing, and I guess Maddie didn't look all that closely at who was walking over to the table. We were dressed pretty much the same, and our hair is close to the same color...but I HOPE my belly doesn't stick out as far as (eight months pregnant) Sarah's does at the moment! Not anymore anyway, after losing almost 40 lbs.

BTW, it's Monday and NO, I didn't go to Weight Watchers AGAIN. I need to go and weigh in next week though...because even Lifetime members need to weigh in at least once a month, if they want to stay an active member. I will. I promise.


Qtpies7 said...

It was a fun afternoon, and the kids really were cute, lol. Except when Kassie pooped through her diaper, onesie, pants and crocheted blanket, my shirt, camisole, skirt and nylons. I still love her, though.

Sarah said...

It was a great to be in the SA with you~the performance went well, and it was great to have Jody and Lisa there!

Looking at the pic of me makes me really need to get back to WW!! 2 months!

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