Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Patty, Happy Birthday Jesus!

Today would have been my late sister Patty's 49th birthday. Patty went to be with the Lord on April 27th, 2003; after a 2 year battle with breast cancer. She was a great sister and a wonderful mother to 11 children. We all miss her very much, but I know that I'll see her again someday in heaven. Every year since she passed away, most of her remaining 9 siblings have gotten together on her birthday to remember Patty and celebrate her life. I suspect we will do that again this year, but not until later on this evening. There's something else we have planned to celebrate first tonight.

It's Wednesday, which means it is AWANA club night at church. My husband is our church's Awana Commander, and I help out in the nursery. Every year around this time, we celebrate another birthday too. We have a "Happy Birthday, Jesus party", with cake and ice cream for all of the kids, their parents, and AWANA staff. Seeing as how I'm the Commander's wife, and a former professional cake decorator to boot, I get the honor of decorating a birthday cake for Jesus each year, and then I usually ice a couple more sheet cakes to serve to everyone. This year, I opted to bake and decorate one cake and 12 dozen cupcakes. Sound like fun? It actually was. And as an added bonus, it warmed the house up nicely too, having the oven going for about 5 hours straight.
Here's this year's model. The only thing is, I used a "Christmas Red" paste food coloring, that turned out a little more like "Barbie Pink". Oh well, pink poinsettias are pretty too.


Qtpies7 said...

The cake baking sounds fun....... not, lol.

That is really sweet that you guys all still get together to remember Patty.

Joyful Noise said...

She is still a good Mom - she's just taking care of them from Heaven!

12 dozen cupcakes are you crazy!!! Hope they're all CHOCOLATE!!!

Did you get the pics printed...I have to remember to bring the bulbs - I didn't get any "snow" for them either yet! AAAHHHH!

sbpaulson said...

Hey Jean! We are doing a similar thing tonight only we are having cakes for every month of the year. I am making a cake for November. I might post about it, we shall see. Anyway, I tagged you, go to my blog and check it out!


P.S. We will be in Princeton on Saturday Dec. 27-29 for Christmas. I'll call to double check!

Sarah said...

That is a sweet post to give a rememberance to your sister...she is just waiting for you in heaven!

Yep, you sure have been busy! Hope it was fun! You made a great looking cake~ as usual!
Missed you on Tuesday night!

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