Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Ladies Night Out Christmas Party ~ What Fun!

We had our Ladies' Night Out Christmas Party at our church last night. This was Lisa doing her best imitation of Pastor Chad, telling some really LAME Christmas jokes to start the evening off.

Below, our 3 Womens' Ministry Christmas elves; who planned, decorated and prepared all of the food for this fun evening! You may recognize the one on the left as Jody from "Make A Joyful Noise, (even if it hurts Momma's ears)". The elf on the right is Lisa from "Our Seven QTPies" and the one in the middle is Anna, who doesn't have a blog...yet. The littlest elf in the picture is one of Jody's little noisemakers, "K".
Below, is an action shot of my daughter Jessica,
successfully pulling out a block from the new "Girl Talk" edition of the old family favorite game of Jenga. The new twist here is, that every block asks a question that you have to answer after you pull it out, for instance, "Who do you have a crush on right now?" or "What is your favorite breakfast cereal?"
Here's little "K" modeling a sweet little hair bow, made by Lisa. Too cute!

We did a "white elephant" gift exchange last night, and I ended up with a very cute snow angel figurine. I started out with a cool, red sock monkey shirt, but little Miss QTpies stole that from me! It's okay, it wouldn't have fit me quite yet anyway, and it looks great on her.

We also did our cookie exchange last night, and I have lots of yummy cookies to sample. The good thing is, we're off to a family party in just a little while, so I'm going to go put an assortment of them on a platter to take with. That way, I won't HAVE TO eat them all myself!
Thanks again, ladies, A great time was had by all!


Qtpies7 said...

I'm totally snagging your pictures! Do you have more Jenga pics?
I had fun last night, I would hate it if LNO stopped happening.

Joyful Noise said...

Great shots...I'm glad Jessica came for a little while. Hope she had some fun with us "old" ladies. I snagged the pic of Kassie...I think I was getting the lady bug one at the time...Have fun at your family party.

Sarah said...

It was a great night, and so fun to be there! I am so glad I didn't miss it~ LNO is one not to miss!

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