Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sad Family News and Prayer Request

I learned on Friday, that my cousin Marshall, (who was 40 years old), was found dead in his home by his fiancee that morning. I don't know very many details yet, but he apparently had taken some kind of prescription drug of his girfriend's to try to fight flu symptoms that he was experiencing, and had also taken his own prescription drug for bi-polar disease. They're thinking that there was a bad reaction between the two drugs, at this time.

Marshall lived in Utah, and was a divorced father of a young daughter named Lexie. I was not especially close to this cousin, because of our age differences, but I'm still quite shocked at the news of this sudden tragic event.

Please pray for our whole extended family, and especially for his daughter Lexie, his brothers, Lane and Channing,(Channing and his wife Dawn attended our church for a short time a few years back), his father, Tom and his mother Betty. Aunt Betty, (my father's sister), has been battling alcoholism most of her adult life. It's NEVER easy for a parent to bury a child, and the fact that this tragedy happened just before Christmas, will likely make it even worse. Thanks for your prayers.


Joyful Noise said...

Wow - I am so sorry to hear that. Your family will be in my prayers. You are right - it is especially hard during the holidays. *HUGS*

Sarah said...

Wow~ very sad! How devestating! I will keep their family and yours in my prayers. Holidays are so tough when tragedy strikes and can be such a depressing time of year for some.

Qtpies7 said...

That is sad. I would hate to bury a child.

Anonymous said...

Oh i m praying peace and strength. Be strong and courageous today your father is with you.
Lord bless you,

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