Monday, December 29, 2008

Don't Take It Personal!

I often refer to my 4 year old grandson here on my blog as "CJ", but his given name is Christian. Christian and his mother Jessica came to church with us this morning. When it came time for the sermon, he decided he didn't want to leave and go to Children's Church. He wanted to stay with his Momma and listen to the message.

Our Pastor was preaching from Hebrews chapter 6, and was talking about when "Christians" fall away from their faith, whether or not they were ever actually "Christians", in the first place, etc. So of course, he used the word "Christian" quite a bit during this message. I wasn't sitting very close to my grandson at the time, so I couldn't hear his whispers. My daughter told me after the service that every time the pastor had said the word, "Christian", that CJ would gasp and say, "He said my name! or Hey, he said my name again!" Now that's what you call a personalized message!


Sarah said...

That is super cute! You know, people hear their name 10 times louder than any other word...

He is so funny!

Qtpies7 said...

That kid! LOL I can see why his mamma has a crush on him!

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