Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit!

Jessica, Christian (CJ) and "Bart" (he's the one with the antlers), arrived last night while we were at church. They came to find me in the nursery, and I got a big hug from my grandson. However, Grandpa wasn't that lucky. When we went to find Grandpa Ray, he was sitting in a small classroom on his cell phone. CJ took one look in there and said, "Grandpa's not in there". I guess Grandpa looks a bit different to almost everyone after losing as much weight as he did. It took quite a while for CJ to warm up to him and realize he was the same old Grandpa Ray. Today, Jessica and I hauled the tree up from where it was stored, in the basement and put it up, (I'm thinking it's a little ironic that we live on a former Christmas tree farm...but have an artificial one in our livingroom.)
After that, the three of us went shopping! Christian was running up and down the toy aisles at Wallyworld exclaiming, "I want this...and this...and one of these...and Santa's going to bring me one of those...". Jess and I each took a cart so that I could distract him while she was shopping for him. We pulled it off pretty well. I was tired of the ornaments I'd been using the past few years, and decided to go for a new look this year. I bought some rather inexpensive blue and silver ornaments from Walmart, and a new silver 3D filigree type, star for the top of the tree. When we got home, CJ and I started decorating it, while Jess took Molly, (who had just gotten home from school into town for a haircut. She's such a nice big sister.

Here's what our finished product looks like above, and below...with the lights on.

We also put up the nativity set, and a few other decorations here and there around the house. Now, maybe if it ever gets above 10 degrees again before Christmas, I can talk Grandpa Ray into putting a few lights on the outside of the house.


Qtpies7 said...

I love the blue and silver! We got our tree home and up today. But probably won't decorate it until Sunday. All the kids want to be home for that.
I bet you are one happy momma/grandma right now!

Joyful Noise said...

Beautiful the new ornaments. So, do you want to distract my boys while I go shopping. JK - I've done most of mine online. SSSSOOOO much easier!! You will have so much fun with CJ there for Christmas - nothing like seeing from the view of a child!

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