Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Week #15 weigh-in ~ Hangin' in there...

Considering the busy week I had, I was really afraid I'd gained a pound or two...or more. It wasn't that bad...I only gained .4 lb. That's not even half a pound. With Ladie's Night Out on Friday night, (where one of our favorite activities is EATING), company all weekend, and a family potluck picnic on Sunday...it got kinda hard to keep track of my points. Actually, I probably quit counting all together long about Thursday. Oh well, I did get my "clapping hands" charm with the number 16 on it tonight, because it was my 16th meeting. However, I'm counting it as week 15 weigh-in because, that's how many weeks I've been on the program.

I'll get back on program this week and try to get some walking in. I don't think I got any of that in last week either. It will come off...it will come off...it will come off. I think that's why they call it will power.


Sarah said...

Here is another hand clapping for you....(hearing the crowd go wild....keep on going~

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