Saturday, July 5, 2008

Parade Highlights!

Yesterday, we headed to the town I grew up in, (which is about an hour West of where I live now), for their big July 4th festivities. For as long as I can remember, almost every year of my life, I have either been in or sat and watched this parade. For the most part, you see the same floats and entries year after year...but here are a couple of my favorites. My parents own a 1963? Ford convertible, so are asked to have either the grand marshal or some other parade royalty ride in it each year. This year, they had the honor of escorting the senior citizen King and Queen. They had one of my little nephews, and one of my little nieces along for the ride. There was another entry we first saw in last year's parade. It's pretty impressive. A local towing company lines up all of their trucks...and the first truck tows the next one, which tows the next one...and so on...and so on. I believe I counted about a dozen trucks here. It looks pretty cool, but I'm not sure how they take corners. Very carefully I guess.

Here are a couple of other pics that my hubby and I took:


Sarah said...

BIG parade! Some year I will have to head over and see that one. :)

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