Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Coincidental Connections?

I've heard it said that everyone in the world is connected by 6 degrees or less. Ever since I started attending our church here in P-town, about 7 years ago, I have run into people there that have some kind of connection to me and or my family. Granted, they are all Minnesota connections...but are pretty much spread throughout the state, which leads me to believe that everyone in MN is connected by only one or two degrees. Here are all the ones I can think of off the top of my head...

  1. There is a woman named Mary Lynn, who went to Apollo H.S. like I did, (about 30 miles away from here), I didn't know her then, but her brother, Gary was in my homeroom. He and I graduated from there way back in 1976.
  2. I moved to Rice, MN in 1985. A few years later, someone named Brian moved into the house directly across from us with his 6 yo daughter, Charissa. Brian is a brother to Bob...who is married to Mary Lynn, (see above coincidence), and his daughter and my daughter, Jessica have been bff's for over 20 years now!
  3. My sister, Kathy did not go to the same H.S as I did, Mom and Dad had moved by then, so she went to Rocori. Jody, who is one of my best friends from church went to the same school, her sister graduated with my sister in 1987.
  4. My kids did not go to the same H.S. as I did either, they went to Sauk Rapids High. Another one of my best friends, Sarah attended the same school and at the same time as my oldest son, Jeremy.
  5. Sarah is married to Terry. Terry's mom, Cheryl was a Cubmaster in Staples, MN at the same time I was a Cubmaster in Rice, MN. Coincidentally, we have discovered that their family and mine attended some of the same family camps at Parker Scout Reservation, and that Terry and his brother played together there with my two sons, Jeremy and Joel.
  6. A couple of years ago, while I was on the 30 year reunion committee for my class, one of my classmates, Dave, came to a meeting and said that his son had been in a terrible skiing accident and asked if we would keep him in our prayers. At the time, I was going to a bible study at the home of a friend from church named Lyn. During our prayer time, I brought up wanting to pray for Dave's son. When Lyn asked what their last name was...we discovered that she actually sorta dated him for awhile before either of them met their spouses. They had met at a completely different church near the twin cities.
  7. Then there's the man named Tom from our church. It turns out, his parents, (who live in Brainerd, MN), are very good friends with my parents, who live in Cold Spring, MN. They belong to the same antique truck club, with his dad being president of the club. My dad is the vice president, and my mother the secretary of this club.
  8. Now this one may be the weirdest...About 11 years ago, my niece Jackie, started doing foster care. She took in two siblings to begin with. Their names were Joey and Krissy. She had Joey for about a year and a half, and Krissy a little longer. Eventually, Joey's dad got custody of him and they moved here to P-town. Unbeknownst to me, I have known Joey for the past 5 or 6 years from church. I never put it together, since he had a different name back then, and I hadn't seen him in a few years. Oh...and get this, Joey's best friend's name is Drew, who just happens to be the son of one my very best friends, Lisa! So now Joey has graduated from H.S. and is going into the Marines and Jackie, (who is now in the process of adopting Joey's 2 sisters), had a party for him on Sunday. Here is a picture of some of my family with Drew and Joey in it. (back l to r), Drew, Joey's sister Krissy, Joey, his cousin Kim, Janessa's boyfriend. (front l to r) my brother Bob (bending over), my nephew Tiegen, nieces Katie, Sarah (holding Elizabeth) and grand-niece, Janessa. Just think, I was Joey's foster great-aunt for awhile!

What do you think of all these little "coincidences"? Every time I find a new one, it just confirms for me that I am right where God wants me to be...at least as far as church is concerned, that is.


Qtpies7 said...

Coincidentally, Joey is at my house as I read this, lol. I may have to tell him he made your blog.

Sarah said...

That is so crazy~~small world afterall~

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