Friday, July 4, 2008

Wanted: For Kidnapping!!!

Kidnapped again!!! They did it, they got me again. I had just returned from shopping yesterday, I pulled in my driveway and got a call from my friend Lisa. She says, "Where are you?" as if she'd been searching for me for awhile. "I just got home", I replied. She keeps chatting with me while I'm bringing the items I purchased into the house...and all of a sudden, there is a white pick-up truck pulling in my driveway behind me. I say out loud, "Now who's pulling in my driveway?", to which Lisa replies, "That's me". She, her mother, Pauline, and our good friend, Jody have come to "kidnap" me and take me out for my birthday. We were to pick up the other co-conspirator on the way. Some of you know her as Sassyfrazz, but we just call her Sarah. They had done the same thing to me last year, and then we went on to kidnap the rest of them for their birthdays too. Last night, we went to Applebees because I knew they had WW friendly meals there. We had a great time, and I even got the happy birthday song sung to me by the wait staff, along with my free birthday sundae. Thank you ladies, for another memorable birthday kidnapping!

Believe it or not, last year was not the first time I was kidnapped. That was exactly 50 years ago today! Yes, I was all of 4 days old, so I don't remember it very well. However, I've been told that my very first Independence Day was quite eventful. After a fun filled day that included my first boat ride, Mom and Dad had taken me and my 4 older siblings to a fireworks celebration in a nearby town. Dad took the other kids to watch the fireworks, and Mom was supposed to go get Dad to watch me in the car as soon as I went to sleep. As she left to get him, he was already on his way back to the car. Mom and Dad both returned to where they had left the car...but it wasn't there!
After frantically running down a long winding road looking for the car, (and me), they found it closer to the main road than it had been...and me...still asleep inside of it. We're pretty sure the would-be car thieves discovered me in the back, and did NOT want to add kidnapping to the list of crimes they might be charged with. It now seems to be somewhat of a tradition for me to be kidnapped around this time of year.


Qtpies7 said...

I think it all worked out great, except the part about us showing up to get you and you not being HOME! Well, not until we got a block away, anyway.

I'm glad we can coninue the kidnapping tradition that started 50 years ago. We are honored.

Sarah said...

It was a great night, and a lot of fun! I am glad it all worked out OK, and that we all could celebrate you together!!

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