Monday, July 21, 2008

Week 16 Weigh In ~ Missed It by THAT Much!

I was really hoping to have 30 lbs off by this week, but I don't. I lost 2.2 lbs this week for a total of...(drum roll please)...29 lbs gone!!! I'll take it. Now if I can just keep it up and lose a few more this week. One thing that did happen with this weeks weigh in, was that the second digit of my weight dropped to the next lower digit. I'm pretty sure that means I lose another point. You pretty much lose a point with every 1o lbs you lose.

To figure out how many points you are allowed per day, one of the criteria is the first two digits of your starting weight. From there, they add points for different things ~ like being a certain age, (younger than I am), being male (obviously not me), or being over 6 ft tall, (nope, not me either). You are also allowed extra points for the activity level in your daily routine. When I started out the program, I could have a total of 30 pts per day. By contrast, my hubby, who was 300 lbs, happens to be male, is over 6 ft tall and works quite hard at times was allowed a whopping 44 points per day. That's a LOT of points, but we figured he had been eating a LOT MORE pre-Weight Watchers.

I'm very proud of him, he's probably lost somewhere around 35 lbs, so he's lost a few points too... I think I'm right around 27 now myself. It's all good, I think my stomach has shrunk too, so it's not like I feel hungry at the end of the day...and if I do, I can always munch on veggies...they're what we like to call "pointless".


Jody J said...

That is awesome! You can't hit 30 again before Chad does :) Keep up the awesome job!!!

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