Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another Busy Week Ahead...

On Saturday, we finally get to meet baby Hayden! Hayden is the son of my step-son, Dan and his wife, Terianna, or "T" as they call her for short. He is 6 mos. old, but we haven't met him yet because they live in OR. T and Hayden are coming to MN for her grandmother's birthday party this weekend. We were going to have to drive up to the casino where they will be staying for the weekend, but Ray talked to Dan last night, and now T and Hayden are going to be dropped off at our house for a few hours, so we can visit and then we'll drive them back up to the casino. Dan is not coming to MN with them for this visit. He will be coming back to visit with Hayden in September.

Here's the thing though...Ray's daughter, Sarah and her husband, Brad are coming down on Friday night, and his daughter, Ruth and her fiance, Dan are also coming to spend the night that night so that everyone will get a chance to see Hayden and T on Saturday. That means I have to find room for them all to sleep, which can be done...it just means making sure all the rooms are actually clean...including the 11teen year olds! I usually just close the door to that room and pretend it doesn't exist. I also have to rent or borrow a carpet shampooer to clean the living room floor. I have a carpet steamer, but it isn't working properly, so I haven't cleaned them in quite awhile. With Hayden at the sitting up/crawling stage, I don't want him crawling around on our disgusting looking carpets. So I have my work cut out for me this week.

Molly has a swim party to go to on Wed, at a local hotel. The birthday girl's mom asked if I would stay and help supervise. That's fine, but it pretty much shoots Wed afternoon for cleaning. Friday night is ladies night at church, so I have to have everything done before I go. And then will come the fun of trying to keep the house picked up on Saturday morning with 7 of us people and at least one dog in the house. I also need to run to St. Cloud and take care of some business one day this week. I'm thinking of doing that today, just to get it over and done with.


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