Monday, July 21, 2008

Beth Was Awesome as Usual

Not that I've ever seen her in person before, but I have done some of her video bible studies in the past. She was great, and I had a wonderful weekend with friends. Sarah and I had a little trouble getting to the Target center in the first place, but once we got there, we had really good seats, thanks to our friends, Cheryl and Lyn who were volunteer "encouragers". Beth was as funny as ever too, and even put on her cheese hat as she announced they will be doing a conference in Green Bay WI next year.

This is Travis Cottrell, he was the worship leader. He has a very powerful voice, and even performed a new song he wrote recently. At the end of the conference on Saturday, the worship team started us off with a few songs and eventually the instruments all dropped out, and then the team quietly slipped off the stage. I had closed my eyes during this time...and was surprised when I opened them to find them gone. It sounded pretty cool to have that many people, (mostly women of course), singing praises to the Lord together.

Beth is so personable, everyone that knows of her at all thinks of her as their "best friend". She would go and sit and chat with people in the audience. Here she is picking on some guy that came to the conference with his wife.

After talking to him, she turned and saw this little 10 year old girl named Anna, and talked with her a bit. She asked her if her mother had dragged her there, or if Anna had wanted to come. Little Anna replied that she had seen Beth in SD and enjoyed it so she wanted to come again.

We all had a great time, and had a few laughs walking around the city and eating at the 8th Street Grill. We had 4 ladies in our hotel room, which only had double size beds. I joked that Sarah and I were sleeping "triple" in a double bed...because Sarah is expecting, of course. Ray was not far away, so he picked me up from the hotel, and another lady was nice enough to ride home with Sarah, so she wouldn't have to go solo.


Qtpies7 said...

Great pictures! I'm glad you girls had a good time.
But I am glad I didn't miss Anna's daughter's wedding reception, Anna needed the friend support.
I missed the wedding due to the tornado watch, which trapped mom and I in Target for 45 mintues. Plus the wedding was moved so we had no idea where it was. LOL

sbpaulson said...

It looks like you had a great time! It is always fun to get away with other woman!

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