Friday, February 27, 2009

God's Timing! ~ He sure has a sense of humor sometimes...

We bought a pretty pink digital camera for the 12 year old for Christmas. It was on sale for $99.99, with a $30 rebate. I hate rebates, but this seemed like a pretty good deal, and Molly LOVES pink...and besides, we had a credit card we could use at this particular store, and it was 2 days before Christmas... and we hadn't bought anything for her yet.

Anyway, I had cut out the UPC code from the box shortly after Christmas, and then went, "Now where did I put the receipt and the rebate form....hmmmm". Well, I checked my purse, and all the usual places we stash things like that, but never came up with it. I set the UPC on Ray's dresser, just in case we found the receipt and form needed to collect our $30...but had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that they had somehow inadvertently been thrown in the trash.

Well, you know that thing where if you're LOOKING for something in particular you WON'T find it? Yeah. You know what I mean. Yesterday, I was busy on one of my favorite new online hangouts, Crackbook Facebook. I had found some old pictures in my night stand drawer and was uploading them to our Family Group site on there. Late last night, (actually 2:00AM this morning), I decided to go back and dig in the drawer to see what other goodies I could come up with. I pulled out a handful of photos...and a receipt from Office Depot. I saw where it was from and thought, " couldn't be" was. Here's the kicker, the rebate form said it must be postmarked by 2/28/2009! That's TOMORROW folks. Ray filled it out this morning, and took it to the post office. Of course it will take some time to get back, but we're sure to need that $30 badly right about the time it shows up. Praise the Lord, and His wonderful sense of humor!

So, now I'm wondering...if Ray quits LOOKING for a job, will he find one???


Qtpies7 said...

LOL If only! It would be fun to try it and it works, like it did for me, but I think when it is the guy, well, it isn't worth the risk.

I'm glad you'll be getting that money. God knows just how to help us, and I think this is exactly what is up with the missing receipt. Praise the Lord!

Sarah said...

That is pretty funny! Great timing! I hope Ray gets a job that he is valued and he enjoys...soon~

Great to see you last night, and thanks for a great time!

Joyful Noise said...

If only it were that easy - God's timing is the best!

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