Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Fishy Tail Tale

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my daughter Jessica buying two betta fish for her son, CJ and her sister, Molly. Remember "One Fish, Two Fish...Red Fish, Blue Fish"?Anyway, CJ's blue fish, "Cody" lasted less than a week, and was found belly-up one morning. we are down to just one fish; red fish. So, we remove the divider between the apartments, to give Ozzy a much more spacious home. But after a few more days, the plastic tank he is in, (which has a plug on the bottom of it that is not sealed properly), begins to slowly seep water out of it. I walk into the room and see a tank that looks completely dry, (and water running across the top of the shelf that it's sitting on), so I investigate a little further. Poor Ozzy is lying with his nose in the corner of the bottom of the tank, ...and another one bites the dust...or so I thought.

I walk out of the room, and it occurs to me maybe, just maybe, the thing is still alive. After all, stranger things have happened around here lately. So I walk back in, assess the situation...and Ozzy the fish, "pulls a Bart" on me! Well okay... he didn't roll over, but I swear he turned his little head and looked up at me! He had his nose stuck in about an 1/8 of an inch of water in the corner of the tank, and was still I rescued him and put him in the container that he came in from the store. Yes, my husband saves a dog after it suffers a near death experience, and now I get to be the hero and save a little fishy from one!

For some reason though, we can't seem to get the stupid tank to hold water anymore. So Jess goes back to the store and buys a new pinkish-colored fish for CJ, (which he names Cody II), and two new tanks for the two fish. This time they get their own separate cubicles...instead of living in a duplex. Well, that was all fine and dandy for a few days, until Molly came in the room the other night, and discovered BOTH fish belly up. So long long Cody II! I never even got a picture of Cody II.

Fast forward to last Thursday night... Jessica takes the kids to Walmart to get them each ANOTHER new fish. Molly picks out an orange and black one this time and dubs him "Tiger". Christian's new fish is kind of blue with red fins, and of course he wants to name this one, (you guessed it), Cody as well. Four year olds are so original at times. But then I tell him that his fish reminds me of Spiderman, because it's red and blue. CJ agrees with me and decides to name him that, which may have been a mistake. "Spiderman", apparently decided that with his new-found "super spidey powers", he should have no problem jumping from his tank into Tiger's....alas, he was wrong.
Friday morning, Ray finds his cold, dead fish body lying on the floor...poor Spidey. And then there was ONE...again. Jess is going to buy ONE MORE fish for Christian. That's it. If he doesn't survive more than a week or so...we were just not meant to have fish.


Joyful Noise said...

You just don't have any luck with fish - she should try mice :)

Qtpies7 said...

LOL At least you have a blog to write about it on! Too funny! Poor CJ, losing Cody over and over, but funny that the one you talked him into naming something else would so appropriately try to live up to the new name!

Sarah said...

Poor little fishies!

The fish are pretty and colorful, though.

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