Monday, March 16, 2009

What A Weekend Part 2 ~ Off To The Races!

The second part of our busy weekend, came exactly 8 hours after the first one ended...back at church. It was our annual Awana Float-A-Boat and Derby. Remember how I said I'd drank a pot of coffee on Friday night? Well, because of that, I only got about 2 hours of sleep. I was sooo tired, but that's okay...

all I had to do was sit and sell donuts, muffins and SunnyD at the concession stand.

My husband, Ray is the Awana Commander, so he had lots more to do. He even had give a "sermon"...which he was busy writing when I got home at 1:00AM that morning.

The younger kids, ages K - 2nd grade do the float-a-boat. They each get a boat kit and make their own boat to certain size specifications. We then fill rain gutters with colored water, and the kids use their own "wind power" to blow on the sails and make the boats race to the other end.
We had a pretty good crowd for this event this year.

Here you can see all 4 lanes in action.

And here's a close-up of two of the "captains"...

One, of which went home with the 1st place trophy for speed. Way to blow, Raymond!
After (big) Ray's message, the crowd turned their attention to the Awana Derby.
This is where the big kids race cars that they've made out of blocks of wood, down a long track. The 3rd through 6th graders participate in this event.

Molly was one of the design judges this year.

She had her work "cut out" for her, here are a few of the cars...check out the second car from the left?
It's got a LIVE GOLDFISH for a driver!

And...they're OFF!

Rick Heitke was our announcer again this year. He always makes a point of interviewing the racecar drivers...he asks them about the designs and if they did anything special to make their car faster. He sometimes gets some pretty hilarious responses from the kids.
Here, he was not only interviewing the "driver", but also the "team owner".

Design Trophy Winners: 3rd place Joel O.; 2nd place Ryan W. (with the goldfish) and 1st place Abbie J., with her "pronto pup" car.

Speed Trophy Winners: 3rd place, Hayden W.; 2nd place, Jacob O. ; 1st place Morgan Z.

Yay, Abbie and Morgan! Anything boys can do...girls can do better!


Sarah said...

It is such a fun event...and if I didn't have 4 kids that morning, and lack of sleep~ I may have come to watch! That is amazing...a goldfish! How creative!

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