Thursday, March 19, 2009

Think Thin Thursdays~ Weekly Weigh-In #3

Well, I had really no significant change in weight this week. I may have lost .4 lbs. That's about it. I suppose maintaining isn't all bad when I consider everything I had going on over the past week. First there was LNO, and then I just had to have me a cream cheese danish on Saturday morning, since I was selling them. Saturday night at the CC, we had pizza for dinner. I tried to cut a few calories by having the chicken pizza...but I may have eaten a bit too much.

I'm going to set a goal to lose at least two pounds in the next week. I'd like to get out and go for a walk again...if the weather cooperates. It was really nice and warm here last week, even reaching 60 degrees one day. The only problem is, with all the snow meltage...that just created mud on our dirt roads...not what I'd like to walk in. The countdown is on now to my one year weight loss journey. I'd really like to at least get back to where I was. Wish me luck!


Sarah said...

I'd like to start walking, too. I know we are a bit of a jaunt away from each other, but it would be fun to get together and walk sometimes. Keep up your great attitude, and you will drop some more! You can do it!

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