Thursday, March 12, 2009

Think Thin Thursday ~ Weekly Weigh-in # 2

Okay folks, last week I started linking up with a group of bloggers that are doing "Think Thin Thursday." I didn't follow any strict diet, just tried to eat the things I know I should, and stay away from the foods that I know will get me in trouble. I have learned through Weight Watcher's and through my own personal experience that I need to eat more fiber and less fat, because that works for me. This is really what the whole WW point system is based on, and years ago they had a "fat and fiber" plan that was the precursor to the whole point system.

My goal for the week was to take off 2lbs. For not writing anything down, and I didn't do too bad this week. I did take back off about a pound and a half. I say back off because I was once very near the -40 lb mark. That was before the holidays. I am now have 35.6 pounds gone, with another 69 lbs to go. I'll keep on keepin' on.

Bridgette over at the Not-so-blog has a new task for us this week:

Go to the website of your favorite Fast Food restaurant and tell me a healthy alternative sold there. What do you order if you HAVE to eat out?

I wouldn't exactly call McDonald's my "favorite" fast food place, (especially the one in our town), but we do eat there pretty much every Wednesday night after Awana and Youth Group at church. My husband and I always order their Grilled chicken Southwest Salads. Calorie-wise, it comes to 420 calories with the dressing. If you are on Weight Watcher's, or following the point system, they're worth 6 pts, and the Southwest dressing adds another 3. I have bottled water to drink, so that's a 9 point meal...which isn't bad.


Reese said...

Sounds like you are behavin'.
Take care!!

tara said...

way to go! sounds like you're doing well!

Qtpies7 said...

I really should eat better when I eat there. I don't even want to know what the country style chicken is doing to me. I know it is NOT helping my weight loss, Sensa or no.

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