Monday, March 16, 2009

What a Weekend! Part 1 ~ Friday, Ladies Night Out

Friday night was our monthly "LNO" or Ladies' Night Out at church. We don't actually go "out", we usually just go hang out at church and eat, talk, play games and generally enjoy one an other's company. We had a pretty good turnout this month, with about 12 of us, including 2 LNO newbies. My daughter, Jessica showed up after these pictures were taken too.

(l t0 r) Cindy, Lisa, Paula, Jodi, Tammi Jo, Rhonda, and Padma

Once we'd all had our fill of snacks, we decided to play Cranium Turbo edition.

Here's Lisa being a puppet, and Cindy is her puppeteer. Lisa and her teammates were supposed to guess what Lisa (the puppet) was supposed to be acting out. I think she was trimming the hedge here or something like that.

There were three ladies that didn't play the game...they had their hands full...of babies. Above are "Grandma Anna" holding her brand new grandson Scott Jr, Jody with her daughter "K", and Sarah holding her baby, Cole.

We had a great time as usual, and I actually got home by 1:00AM. The only problem was, I drank a pot of caffeinated coffee while I was there, which kept me up all night.


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