Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Dinner With A Perfect Stranger" Book WINNER!

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway. I had my grandson CJ pull a name out of his favorite hat again. He picked... (drum roll please)

Jackie's questions for Jesus were:
  1. "Why Me?"
  2. Why are there so many sick people in the world with illnesses we can't find cures for?
  3. I'd ask if I was living the life he intended me to.

All very good questions. Congratulations Jackie, I know you'll enjoy this book. It's one I'm sure you'll want to pass on to your friends when you finish reading it. I've already done that with my copy. Hopefully, I'll get it back tomorrow, so I can give someone else a chance to read it.

And speaking of second chances, if you were not chosen as my winner, two of my friends, Jody over at Make a Joyful Noise, and "Daisy" at Daisy Crazy , are giving away this same book. You can go enter on each of these blogs and get a second ... and third chance to win!


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