Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Musings and Meanderings

It Looks like a very nice day outside again, even though I have not yet stepped outside my door today. I should go for a walk. The only thing is, I told my grandson I'd take him with "next time", so it won't be a very long walk...I don't want to have to carry him back.

Ray is working on a project for some friends of ours this week. He's finishing their basement bathroom. Thank God, (and Dan & Jody) for this job opportunity. If any of the rest of you (in our area), have any remodeling, home repair, room additions, painting, siding, etc. jobs that you have been meaning to hire someone to do, just give Ray a call. He really can do almost anything! And he does it very well.

I'm feeling very old this week. My oldest son, Jeremy will turn 30 on Wednesday! I need to go through a bunch of pictures, so I can do a Happy Birthday post for him. I was thinking this morning, that if we had more money at the moment, and I had only realized that Molly had 5 days off, we could have planned to take a trip to Phoenix, to celebrate with him. Hopefully, he and his son, Alex can come visit us in Minnesota when the heat gets unbearable for them this Summer.

We have a busy weekend ahead. First off, Friday night is our monthly Ladies Night Out! That should be fun, and does not require a whole lot of preparation for me. However, I probably shouldn't stay long because...we have our Awana Derby and Float-a-boat on Saturday morning. I usually run a small snack shop during the derby, so that the racers and spectators can purchase something to munch on during the races. I need to get to Sam's Club sometime this week to pick all of that up. We also have to locate the Pinewood Derby track (that we borrow each year from the local Cub Scouts), and pick it up and get it to church and set up by sometime Friday evening....which should work out well, since I will be ready to hang out with the girls at LNO after we get everything set up, and I'll be there already.

After the races are over, (around noon), we'll have to clean everything up, and come home and pack up all the karaoke equipment, grab some clothes for the night and head to St. Cloud for the first annual "Cousin Connection" get-together. My sister Kathy and our cousin Marty have decided to get all the first cousins (there are about 35 of us in all) and their spouses together at a local hotel. We're going to have dinner there, and we're bringing the karaoke/DJ system so we can all make fools of ourselves have a great time dancing or singing. We're planning on staying overnight, and having brunch together in the morning too, so that should be a nice break for us.

Speaking of karaoke, we just ordered 78 new discs off of ebay. We should be getting them some time this week. This will add around 875 new songs to our collection. I've been busy this morning trying to get a list of them typed up...very time consuming.


Qtpies7 said...

Isn't actually your "First Cousins connection?" LOL Are second cousins excluded?

I'm Losing It! said...

It's actually the FIRST annual Cousin Connection get-together for First Cousins. They're not even inviting our parents or our children. We'll see how that goes.

Sarah said...

I can't wait until LNO!! It is the best! Have fun on Saturday morning/afternoon/and evening! Fun to get together with family!

I am anxious to see what songs you add to your collection! How fun!

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