Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Update on Bart, the WonderDog

(Bart and CJ last Halloween)

Actually, we're all kind of wondering why he's alive. But he is. After having been hit by a car on Sunday night. The only thing I can think of is that being a Corgi, he is so low to the ground that the only thing that probably hit him was the tire. That may have helped.

We took him to the vet yesterday, and since we didn't call first, they said they could see him at that time, but it would be on an "emergency basis". I asked what that meant, and was told it was an extra $50. Or, we could schedule an appointment for later on that day, and save $50. We chose to do that, so we didn't get the little guy in until 3:40 in the afternoon. I called Molly's school and told them to have her ready at about 3:10 so we could pick her up on the way...otherwise she'd get home on the bus while we were in town. The only thing I didn't think about, was that we'd told her we'd come and get her if it came to having to put him to sleep. Ooops. For a few minutes, she was pretty sure she was being picked up to say goodbye to Bart.

Anyway, they checked him over and said he seemed okay, just by their exam, and the fact that his bodily functions were in tact but they don't have an x-ray machine at that office, so we had to take him to their other facility, which is in a larger city to the south of us. The office visit would be continued over there, (so we wouldn't have to pay that again), if we took him directly over there. So that's what we did.

By the time he got there, he'd been in pain for quite some time, and was absolutely physically exhausted. They stood him up on the exam table, and he was falling asleep standing there. Seriously, he slowly lowered his head until his nose was resting on the table, (which isn't all that far when your legs are only 2 inches long), if it wasn't so sad, it would have been quite comical.
They took the X-rays and determined that everything looked fine for the most part. The vet said his inability to move at first was probably from spinal cord shock. Earlier yesterday, he was actually walking pretty well, but leaned a little to one side and seemed dizzy. The doc said he had most likely hit his head, and had a concussion too, which would cause that. It does make sense, and we had already diagnosed him with cord shock and concussion...but not being veterinarians...we couldn't have known we were right. We also didn't have an X-ray machine to rule out anything worse. They gave him a shot of pain medicine, and also sent home some oral pain meds and some antibiotics.

The grand total for the exam, the x-rays and the drugs was almost $300. But what do you do? He is a purebred Corgi, and Jess paid $500 for him originally. So far, we haven't heard a sound out of him since the accident, which is an improvement.

Today, he seems much better, if a bit dazed and confused from his pain medication. He goes out to the kitchen, takes a drink...and then wanders into the bathroom and stares at the wall, like he's lost. Nothing like having a dog on drugs. Oh well, this too shall pass. Thanks for the prayers!


Joyful Noise said...

Glad to hear that he is okay...probably more for Christian sake. It would have been hard for him!

Qtpies7 said...

I know it isn't funny, but the thought of him being on drugs and staring at the wall made me giggle. I am so glad that he is OK and is going to make it.

I'm Losing It! said...

Hey, if you can't find humor in something like a dog on drugs, there's something seriously wrong with you. He's still acting pretty funny. The worst thing is, he's pooped on the carpet a few times today, (don't tell Ray), and he'd been really good about that sort of thing lately.

I think he's just really confused, and we'll have to watch him closer.

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