Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday Thirteen ~ 13 Random Shots Taken by CJ

I let CJ use my camera last night to take a picture of Grandpa. And then he got a little carried away. He's quite the budding shutterbug at age 4.

1. Here's the first one he took of Grandpa Ray

2. I guess he couldn't get all of Gramps in one shot...even after he lost about 50 lbs. Here's the second shot...

3. ...and the third

4. Practicing to take self portraits for mySpace or facebook etc., with a little help from Mama

5. An "artsy" sort of photo of the bottom of G & G's closet...looks like Grandma has some straightening to do.

6. A close-up of the woodwork

7. Oh, and's Grandma! This one's not bad, considering the subject. (I've GOT to put my C-mas decorations away TODAY)

8. A rather scary scared looking picture of Mama Jessica

9. Apparently the dogs need food and water

10. Auntie Molly looking a bit blurry

11. The back of my kitchen chair that he decorated with SpongeBob stickers. (CJ says this is HIS chair now)

12. This looks like one of those close-ups that you're supposed to guess what it is. Anyone care to take a stab at it?












Give up?



13. UPDATE: This is what I THOUGHT it was. I WAS WRONG! I had looked at both of those last two similar looking pics and ASSUMED they were of the same object. I just looked a little closer at them, and realized they are not!
I DID figure out what it is, but I'm not going to tell you. I think I'll save it for another post, and do some sort of a give-away to whom ever can guess what it REALLY is! I guess he had his grandma stumped too. LOL!


Joyful Noise said...

Not bad! My boys have been wanting to take pictures too. That is the greatest thing about digital because you don't have to do anything with them but they can have their fun too...
The boombox speaker had me stumped!

Qtpies7 said...

I was going to say window screen.

Sarah said...

Great pictures from a 4 year old! I was going to guess the window on a microwave, but I really can't guess since I was told the answer~~ LOL! That is a great picture he took of you!

Your Daughter said...

Ok at first I was going to guess the window screen but then I thought of what else it could be...
then it hit me it was the oven!!!!

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