Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Karaoke Night Fun!

We had a pretty good turn out for karaoke night at church this month. I'd say there were 20 or so people there at one point, with a few of the youth joining us for the event. That's Jason, (in the baseball cap), who entertained us with some Elton John songs, and some other oldies but goodies. Sisters, Christina and Shelby and their friend stopped by too, as well as Cedie and her friend. With a little more practice, Christina and Jason could be American Idol contenders someday. Not everyone sang, but I think they all had fun, or at least enjoyed the food and fellowship. Jody had told me on Wednesday, that she was bringing a pot of chili. She said her family doesn't care for chili beans, she makes it with potatoes. I thought chili sounded like a great idea on such a chilly night, so I decided to make a pot as well. My family happens to LOVE chili beans though, so I made mine with lots of beans and chicken instead of beef. They both went over quite well, mine was gone first, but I'm pretty sure that's just because our family ate it. We hadn't had supper yet.
Some of the usual crew was there, Jody and baby K, (her dh Dan was out of town), Lisa and Donnie, Anna and her daughter, Ashley and niece, Tammy Jo. Here they are singing a song:
Sarah and Terry usually come too, but have been rather busy lately, what with having a baby a week and a half ago and all. Sarah said she was going to come, until her little girl got sick and started puking. And unfortunately, our friend Padma was a bit under the weather also, so was not able to make it either. Unbeknownst to her, she had apparently passed whatever she had on to Lisa earlier in the week during their bible study, and poor Lisa started feeling ill by the end of the night too. Before that happened, she did get up and sing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" with Anna and Jody though. I thought they did a great job, but Ray told them they probably woke the lion up with their singing. He can be so mean.

Donnie sang a few songs, including "America Will Survive", and I think he did "The Streak", and also joined Lisa in that all-time favorite, "Summer Nights".

Kim O. decided to bring her whole family out to celebrate her 50th birthday with us. If I'd known she was coming...I'd a baked a cake. Seriously. Her husband and son sang quite a few songs, and Kim said she might even get brave enough next time. Come on Kim, you can do it!
Tim even stopped in to say hi. We couldn't get him to get up and sing either, but he did show us his multi-tasking abilities, by holding K while enjoying a bowl of her mother's delicious chili. I was impressed.

Even the little ones got into the act. Kim's daughter (in the pink) and her little friend in the purple, (hidden behind the TV) sang quite a few songs, and Trinity graced us with "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". Mom had to help her a little bit with the words, since she can't read yet.

Trinity may not be able to read yet, but she does know how to pose for the camera. Here she is with CJ. I guess we'd better keep an eye on these two, CJ seems a bit enamored already.
Come on out next month if you're in the area! You just don't know what you're missing!


Joyful Noise said...

It was lots of fun...It's more fun when others are singing though...I promise not to go up there if we have more new people - wouldn't want to scare them away. :)

Sarah said...

I so badly wanted to come~ I was seriously looking forward to it all day. I was bummed that Maddie got sick.

Looks like it was fun, though~

Qtpies7 said...

Ray was a bit mean, lol, but we were not that good, either!

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