Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen ~ I Am Thankful...

  1. T - For the Turkey and all the Trimmings on our Tables Today.
  2. H - That my Hubby and I are not as Heavy and are much more Healthy these days.
  3. A - Because I am Anxiously Awaiting the Arrival of Jessica and CJ.
  4. N - For Nice November days above 70 degrees, (at the beginning of the month, when I started writing this).
  5. K - For all of our Kids...even when they drive us Krazy.
  6. S - For the Snowy Sign from God that told my dd not to re-enlist.
  7. G - That we have 3 Gorgeous Grandsons, AJ, CJ, and HD.
  8. I - For the Incredible Internet, that allows us all to keep In touch this way.
  9. V - For my Very, Very good friends, (you know who you are) :)
  10. I - That nothing is Impossible with God! Even If it seems so at times.
  11. N - For New Neighbors ...and Not being too Near to them, Now that we moved.
  12. G - That I am able to Get closer to God each and every day.
  13. S - For every Soldier and Service person keeping our country Safe.


Joyful Noise said...

That is so great! I am impressed that you did cool!

I never did finish my list...but I am so thankful for you and my other clickies...

Qtpies7 said...

That is awesome! Great job! Especially like the "Krazy" part.

Sarah said...

You are so Kreative! I love your list, Jeannie!

I am thankful for you my friend! *hugs*

KatSighs said...

The whole THANKSGIVINGS thing-Very cool Jean. I don't know how, but you always make me tear-up..Oh and love the look of the site: a green and blue Christmas: who'da figured?? It works!


P.s. Hope you get everything on your list.

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