Friday, November 7, 2008

My "BEEF" Against School Fundraisers

Which of these two summer sausages would you rather buy??? The one on the top is all beef and weighs in at 24 oz. I picked it up tonight from Walmart for $5.47.

The one on the bottom is a whopping 12 oz., is made of beef and pork products and was purchased for $9.50 by my husband's aunt from the school fundraiser that my daughter's school put on.

Every time I have ever allowed any of my children to participate in these ridiculous rip-offs, I have been thoroughly embarrassed to deliver the products to the friends and family that were gracious enough to want to support my child's school, once we get them. I understand the whole fundraiser thing, and generally speaking, yes, you do end up paying double what you would in a store...but this is really insane. Half as much product for almost twice the price...and to top it off, it's not even all BEEF!

I won't do it again. Do you know what Molly got for her effort? A "Laffy Taffy" candy. Whoopee!! That was worth it. I bought Christmas wrapping paper, because I have learned that they can't screw that up too badly, and they have actual samples of it in their book. She sold a bag of candy that cost $9 and looks like something I could get for $1.25 at the local Dollar Bell. She also sold some "food preparation bowls" to my sister. They look okay, but they were a bit spendy at $11 . The only other thing she sold was a magazine, but she still has to fill out the paid voucher that was enclosed in the box to make sure the magazine actually gets delivered to the person that ordered it. Yeah, right. Give that responsibility to my ADD -DD. (I'd better go find it and get it filled out for you, or you'll never get the magazine you ordered, Bonnie.)


Joyful Noise said...

I agree - that is why I watch what I buy. I did purchase the food prep bowls but I use them for putting salsa or dips in when I am snacking. Perfect size!

Qtpies7 said...

I wasn't thrilled with the event, either. I bought that bag of candy, too. While it was small and pricey, it was quite delicious!

Sarah said...

We refuse to let Nathaniel do fund raisers after the school giving his orders to another kid, and we thought that they totally lost all his orders. A few weeks later, they figured it all out, and he got his stuff to deliver. Never again will he do fund raisers~ unless if he wants to do it on his own in HS. I agree, it is a rip off, and they make the kids think that they will get some great reward for their work. PLUS, the funds go to the school and who knows what else. I think the funds should go into an account for the kid's needs/trips.

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