Saturday, November 15, 2008

New And Improved Farmhouse Virtual Tour ~ Now With Furniture!

For the past couple of weeks, I have been unpacking boxes, trying to find a place for everything, (so that everything can be in its place) and working on a "honey-do" list for my husband. I now have MOST everything the way I want it, and Ray has decided to take the day off from "work" and work on my list, he's about halfway through it now. Anyway, this is what the place looks like so far. A friend of mine says our old brick farmhouse reminds her of a gingerbread house, and this just happened to be hanging outside the backdoor when we moved in.

Mr. and Mrs. Gingerbread welcome you. Come on in, shoe removal is not necessary, but feel free to do so if you'd like. Just watch out for my 40 lb attack frog below the gingerbread couple.

Just inside the entryway, off the kitchen to the right is THE bathroom. I'm finally getting used to only having one again. All of my bathroom frogs hopped right in and made themselves at home. They seem to really dig their new "pad". And look, I even found a box of tissues with frogs on it!

And you see that door right there? That leads to the dungeon basement, of course. Doesn't everyone have a basement door in their bathroom?

Now, step back out of the bathroom, into my country apple kitchen: Quaint, don'tcha think?

One of the things on the "honey-do" list was to put this table together and get rid of the oval one I had in the kitchen before. Another was to tighten up our extremely wobbly chairs, so they wouldn't fall apart and land someone on the floor some day. He's got those two checked off, yeah!

That door leads to my laundry/exercise room. It's not quite "picture-ready" yet. But just to the right, there is a door to the dining room living room. Come on in. Now, turn around and look back toward that door, and this is what you'll see:

The kids and the grandkids were the first ones to move into this house. Well, at least their pictures anyway. That high shelf is supposed to be for plates or something I guess, but it works great to set our 7 kids on, and I didn't even have to try to get them all level that way. Everyone should try to raise "level-headed" children, right? So far, we have 3 grandsons. If we end up with more grandkids than will fit on that wall someday, I have one more empty wall I can use. See?

I had originally put the love seat in front of the front door, (which has a beautiful etched glass design in it), because we don't really use that door anyway, but the "feng shui" didn't feel right to me. Not that I'm into that sort of thing, it just didn't look good with the door blocked. At least this way, we will be able to get out of it easier in case of emergency. Try not to notice that the curtain rods are still sitting on the back of the love seat. They're on his list...he just hasn't gotten to them yet.

Notice that we now have "privacy" curtains up between the dining room livingroom and the livingroom bedroom. I wasn't going to hold my breath while I waited for Ray to build his temporary wall with a door in it instead of the curtains. Not that he doesn't have the technology...

You may have seen my bedroom pics before, but just in case you missed it, here's my side of the bedroom again... And one more time...




His side. Yes, the buck stops here.

Now, next to that chair, there is a door. Step through it into my office. This was supposed to be the master bedroom...but it's a bit too small for our furniture...and um...there's no door on this room either. The top of our old entertainment center makes a great storage shelf for our karaoke equipment:

And the most interesting thing about this room is the curved wall, which if I look up from my computer, (which is just around the corner to the left in the above picture), this is what I see:

This picture doesn't even do it justice, the wall is really curved. In fact, if you look back at the "his" side of the bedroom pic, next to the dresser, you can see the angled corner on the other side of this strange wall. I'm not really sure what they were thinking when they built it that way, but it's one of the things that gives this old house its charm and character.

That pretty much does it for the main floor, now come on upstairs again. The first door on the right is the guest room. It's not real big, but it's cozy:

I was going to give the teddy bear toddler bed away, but I talked to CJ while we were moving and he said, "Grandma, are you going to bring the little bitty bed to your new house?" I asked him if he wanted me to, and he said yes. Now I'm glad I kept it, since they're going to be staying with us for awhile. Molly was big into "The Lion King" as a toddler. Can you tell?

The door to the left, is our "TV room". Molly's big into "Captain Jack Sparrow" these days, can you tell? Below, you'll see the bottom half of the same entertainment center from the office, upstairs. You can probably figure out why we couldn't use the top of it up here. Not without cutting one side of it off anyway. Don't ask me what the heck was on TV, I have no idea.

Now, here's my favorite part of this room. Again, I didn't know when I put all this here that my grandson was moving in. I just like to have a kid-friendly place for the grandkids (or any other little visitors that come to my house), to play.

Seeing as how Molly's room is not "picture-ready" yet either, I will end today's tour here. I hope you had fun on my new, improved virtual tour, and if you're a friend or relative that hasn't visited in person yet, feel free to come on over for real. Just call first, and I'll put the coffee on for you.


Joyful Noise said...

Maybe I can make it one day this put the coffee on and I can bring a treat :)

Sarah said...

You've got a great looking home, Jeannie! Thanks for the tour. Sometime we should do coffee, too! :) I think your kid corner would get used by my kiddos, too. :)

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