Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Belated 4th Birthday, Christian!

Saturday was my grandson Christian's 4th birthday. I can't believe he's such a big boy already! Here he is sitting on his mom's lap. I made him a birthday cake, but since I wasn't able to make the 600 mile trip to see him this year, I sent it out there with Jessica's dad, who was going out there for CJ's birthday weekend. He ordered a SpongeBob Squarepants cake. This is what it looked like when I had finished decorating it: However, I couldn't get the dome to fit on it with the figurines on it, so I took them back off and sent them along with the cake. When it was reassembled, the characters had switched positions, but other than that, it looks like the cake made its way there in one piece. Here's Christian (CJ) with his birthday cake:

Here he is checking out his birthday presents us. He specifically asked for "lots of robots" so I found this transformer type robot that can either be one big or 5 smaller robots. I also sent him the new "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" DVD which he seemed to enjoy in the theater on his 3rd birthday.

Here he is with his "lots of robots":

I wish we could have spent this birthday with him, but I was glad his mother got to spend this one with him. She is in the USAF, and was serving in Iraq over CJ's first birthday. He was with us for 5 months while she was there. I believe she did get to spend his 2nd birthday with him, but last year, she was sent to Mississippi for some training over his 3rd birthday, so we met half way and spent a weekend in a hotel with a waterpark where we had an early birthday celebration for him, so his mom could at least be a part of that. I hope she doesn't have to miss any more of his birthays, since she has decided to re-enlist for another 4 years. Happy Birthday Christian! Have fun being FOUR!!!!


Qtpies7 said...

The cake sure looks cute!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to Christian! What a great cake, Jeannie! You are so talented! Want to make a cake for Nathaniel?? :)

The pictures are super! He is getting so big! Jessica sure looks like you~but with dark hair.

Too bad you couldn't be with him on his birthday, but I hope you can see him soon!

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