Friday, October 24, 2008

The Big MOVE

Okay, here we go. We've gotten quite a few things moved over to the farmhouse already, but as I look around this one, there's still a LOT more to move. I'm not looking forward to this "moving experience" at all, but it must be done.

I actually do think we'll like it out there, I was out there for a couple of hours yesterday, and it just feels very peaceful, (even with the dead bodies hidden in the secret sealed-off room), it's even a very lovely drive out there this time of year.

The thing is, I have SO much packing and cleaning to do, that I need to get off of this computer and get going. I'm not sure how much I'll be on over the weekend, but I'll try to get on after WW on Monday to update y'all on my "progress" there. Our computer and phone system are going to be changed over to the new house sometime on Monday afternoon.

I got a call from Molly's new bus driver yesterday. It happens to be a gentleman that goes to our church. How cool is that? He said he'll be picking her up between 6:55 and 7:00AM! That will be a big change for Mo. She's used to getting on here at 7:40AM and getting home around 3:40PM. She'll have to get her butt to bed at night so she can get up a lot earlier than she has been. She'll get home at about 4PM at the farm, so that's not too bad.

I would like to invite any of my local readers to come out and help us move tomorrow, anytime you can. We'll be making trips back and forth all day, I would imagine. We'll be doing some moving on Sunday afternoon too, but it's supposed to be pretty nasty weather that day, so we want to try to get all of the furniture moved tomorrow and spend our first night there that night.


Sarah said...

I would help if I could but we have a housefull of people all weekend. I hope it all goes well!!
I hope we can come up to karaoke for a bit tonight.

Qtpies7 said...

I don't now if Donnie works tomorrow or now. I guess we'll find out tonight at Karaoke!
I don't think Devon works tomorrow, so maybe I can come with him and do some work. We don't have a big vehicle to move furniture, though.

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