Sunday, October 26, 2008

Moving Right Along...

Well, we got a LOT done yesterday, thanks to some wonderful family members and friends. Thanks for your help, Mom and Dad, Ruth and Dan, Bob, Rose, Katie and Liz, and Podma and Eric!!!

We got most of our furniture and a lot of other stuff out to the farm, and actually spent our first night there last night, since that was where our beds were. We even managed to get six people to church on time this morning, in spite of the extra miles between our new home and church. Ruth and her hubby and Molly's friend all spent the night with us. I can't imagine how in the world we ever managed when I was a kid and we had 12 of us under one roof with only ONE BATHROOM, but we did.

So far, everything is going well out there. The dog is getting used to things, and seems to know that this is his new home. At first, every time we let him outside he'd try to jump in the van so he wouldn't be left behind. There are good things and bad things about living in an old farmhouse. The worst thing is that there are really no closets in the place to speak of, so we'll have to get creative as far as storing certain items. But all in all, I think it will be kinda cool.

I'm at the other house now, as we need to still go through a lot of junk and decide what to keep, throw, donate, put away for a garage sale next spring etc. I'll be packing up this computer and moving it tonight too, and then they're supposed to be transferring it and the phone service tomorrow afternoon. I'll get back to y'all then and let you know how the wireless DSL works.


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