Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week 29 Weigh In ~ On Again...Off Again...Back and Forth

Well, we WERE online for a little while last night. Molly and I went to town so I could go to WW and then we went over to the other house to pack up some of the odds and ends still left over there. Ray and his crew met us over there and got it all in the van for me. We came home, and the cordless phones all read, "no line" and there were no lights on the "thingy" or the "do-ja-ma-hicky"! So much for reporting on my weight loss like I had promised. I did lose 3 lbs, which sounds pretty good, but the last time I weighed in, I was up 2.6! So all in all I'm a 1/4th of a lb closer to my goal weight, if that makes any sense.

Anyway, I called the phone company this morning (with my cell phone of course), and they said they would put out a trouble ticket. I gave them my cell no. and assumed someone would call be before they came out. WRONG! I decided to make a trip to the other house just before noon today, I had been there all of 10 minutes when I get a call from the repairman. He's sitting in my driveway...at the farm. So I run all the way back here with an empty vehicle. It's a good thing the gas prices have come down a bit. We're using an awful lot of gas with all these trips back and forth. We have until this weekend to get everything out of there, and we're doing okay but it's still going to take a few more trips. Last night's van-load was all of the Christmas/Easter decorations that were stored under the steps at the other house.

Ray and his DD Ruth and SIL Dan are making some progress sorting through the main garage, but there is still a small garage in back that is STUFFED with who-knows-what that needs to be sorted through. We're getting there though. I have most of my pictures on the wall here, and still have several boxes to unpack and find homes for the contents of on this end, but that can wait as long as we can get through the house.

Ruth and Dan are looking for a small apt of their own, but until they do, they're hanging out here and helping Ray out at work. Hopefully they will be able to find something right in town so that they can ride to work with him or eventually find jobs within walking distance, since they are without a vehicle at the moment too. I'm grateful for all of their help with the moving, but I'd prefer not to have 5 of us living in a one bathroom house for too long. The landlord didn't want a lot of people here either, because of concern about the septic system not being able to handle it. When we told him we had 7 kids, he wanted to know how many of them would be living here. We told him just 1, but the others would be visiting from time to time and he was okay with that.

If any of you in the local area know of an apt for rent, or possible job opportunities...or a cheap vehicle for Ruth and Dan, please contact me and I'll pass it along. Thanks.


Sarah said...

I hope that Ruth and Dan can find work and a place to live. Good job with WW...keep it up! Keep working hard!

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