Saturday, August 8, 2009

Winning It...Again! Way to go, PEFC!

Last year, I blogged about our church's softball team playing in their tournament and "Winning it." That same week, the kids' softball team also won first place. Unbelievably, both teams repeated that feat this year, with the kids winning on Tuesday night, and the adults taking home their 1st Place trophy on Thursday night. Here are the guys, (there was one girl playing this year also, but she was not present) posing for a picture BEFORE the game. The local newspaper was there taking pictures of them, since they were obviously going to (at least) place at this point. I took advantage of the already-posed team. Notice how clean and un-sweaty they are in the above photo.
Since I am not a sports fan myself, (understatement of the year), and wasn't paying a lot of attention, I borrowed my husband Ray's commentary from Facebook on the following pics:

"Joel O. has been our coach and mentor for a few years and he led us to our second championship in as many years - he deserved our accolades ....

.... and the ice water shower to follow"

"Umpire Don presenting the First Place Trophy and game chart to commemorate our victory."

"We beat a good team from (a nearby town) 8 to 7 coming from behind in the 6th inning with a rally started by Nathan S. I present to you the 2009 "P-town" Free Church adult Championship softball team. We were also awarded the first ever Sportsmanship Award, which will be presented at next years organizational meeting."

Congratulations guys! Especially on the brand new "Sportsmanship Award," that's pretty cool! The Ump told them after presenting the trophy, that he and another umpire had decided to initiate such an award just the night before, and it took them both about 5 seconds to blurt out, "PEFC" in unison, as the first winners of it. That speaks volumes about what godly men and women they are...even when they're not actually in church, and is an awesome reflection of God's love. They won't receive this award until next Spring, but the ump told them that until then...they have "bragging rights." Of course, all glory and honor goes to HIM!


Sarah said...

That is great that the team did so well! Great photos, too!

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