Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Winning It" ~ Congratulations, PEFC Softball Team!

As I mentioned in my last blog, my husband Ray had the last 2 games of their tournament last night. They won the first game, and since the other team was undefeated in the tourney, they had to play them again. The last game was for "all the marbles", and they won it 7-6. I am so not a sports fan and therefore have a lot of trouble even paying attention to any kind of a game, but I was having fun trying out different features of my new camera. I got pretty lucky with some action shots, so I thought I would post them here:

This is the way the sky looked last night while I was "watching" the game. It looked pretty cool with the sun shining through the clouds, like heaven was smiling down on us...so I took a pic.Here is a picture of last night's cheering section from church. I think that helped the team play their very best. I've never seen this many people come out to support the team, since Ray has been playing for the past 6 or 7 years or so. The above pic is my hubby Ray, ready to take a swing. Below, (in an unbelievably lucky shot), I was able to capture the ball leaving the bat! I'm not sure if I could do that one again if I tried.Above, is the team's captain, Joel in action. I didn't get the ball leaving the bat this time...but the bat was obviously in motion. Below, is one of pitcher, Mike in action. Unfortunately, he looks a little blurry.I would have tried to get a better one of him...but this happened to be his very last pitch of the evening. I never got another chance. Above, is a shot of Joe H. with a little too much action...he was just too quick for me I guess. Below, you will see Joe's dad in action...sitting in the cheering section, holding my friend Jody's baby Kassie. Rick says he loves babies and will make an excellent grandfather someday.Above is a shot of the First Place Trophy being awarded to the team. The man awarding it was almost in tears according to Ray, he really didn't think this team could pull it off...but they did! Below, the team is all smiles as they pose for a picture for me with Nate holding on to the coveted prize. Back row l to r: David H, Nick N, Mike S, Ray G, Joe H, Dan. front row l to r: Jacob, Nate S, Joe O. and Jared L.
Here's a closeup of the 1st place trophy. Below is one with Ray holding it, and below that, you'll see what Ray looked like from behind after the game...can you say ewwwww? Maybe I should go find that shirt and get it washed. Either that...or have it framed for him! Congratulations, guys!


Qtpies7 said...

I think you need to burn the shirt. Good grief! Nasty! LOL
I'm so glad they won!

Jody J said...

They were two great games...if I didn't have the two boys with, I could have watched more of it! :) The team should be very proud of their accomplishment. It was fun to join in the crowd again like I used to in my old church.

I agree with Lisa - Just burn the shirt!

Sarah said...

That is super that they won! I bet they are all very happy! I heard they were all giving glory to God through it, and it was quite the testimony!

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