Thursday, August 13, 2009

Look (Grand)MA, No Training Wheels!

About a week and a half ago, my grandson Christian, who will be five years old in October, learned to ride his bike without training wheels. Here he is on his tiny 12" bicycle.
After a few days, with the seat up as high as it goes, he and his mom decided he was ready for a bigger bike.
Jessica is in the Air Force Reserves, and will likely be going to TX for training for 10 weeks, starting October 1st. If she does, she will miss Christian's birthday again. While she was in the AF, her 5 month tour of duty in Iraq just happened to be over his FIRST birthday...and though she did get to spend his 2nd with him, she was once again sent to do some training (I don't remember where) over his 3rd birthday. We celebrated early at a water park, before we took him home with us for 6 weeks that year. Okay, so she was able to spend his 4th birthday with him last year, but now, since it appears they will again be apart for his birthday, Jess decided to get him an early birthday present. Besides, he will get a lot more use out of it for the next couple of months than he will the months during our Minnesota winter anyway.

She ordered a brand new bike online, and it arrived yesterday evening...

with "some assembly required"

Jess was able to get it all put together, before Grandpa Ray got home. She had him check it over, just in case she hadn't tightened things up enough. After inspection by Grandpa...and a bit of initial hesitation on CJ's part, he got brave enough to try out his new big bike (all 16" of it). Yay, CJ!


Qtpies7 said...

Very cool! We haven't done much of teaching Trinity yet, but we should get on that soon.

I'm Losing It! said...

Christian pretty much taught himself. He would get on his little 12in bike and push it around with his feet...eventually, he was coasting down little hills in the yard, and balancing without even realizing it. We just told him all he had to do now was pedal! One day, he got brave and he was riding! Does Trinity have a bike? We dug out Molly's 16" one before Jess bought the new one. Not sure if the tires are good anymore, but otherwise, it looks good.

Sarah said...

How fun for Christian~~ and you guys! He looks great riding his new bike. I think it is great that he has a helmet on, too. I was just talking to Terry and Cheryl about the boys wearing helmets.
Too bad that Jess will miss his birthday.

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