Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh Brother(s)!!

I got together with some of my family last night because my brother-in-law from Phoenix was in MN for his grandma's funeral. It was the only chance I'd have to see him, since he is here for just a few days. Anyway...while we were waiting for Randy to arrive, two of my brothers, (who shall remain nameless, but it was not Bob ;) ), got on my case about my posting their pictures on THE INTERNET without their express written permission. Okay, they didn't exactly say "written" permission...but they were appalled by the fact that their sister would put their pictures out there for all the world to see. I have now removed the pictures of these two from facebook, there was only a couple of now, I guess I'll have to search my blog and see if I have any of them on here. I'm pretty sure there are some of them in some family group shots, sorry guys...they're staying put.

I did upload a 22 second video of my brother Bob singing, to YouTube, (only because it goes faster than uploading it to Blogger), and put it on my blog...which is imported to facebook, if that's where you happen to be reading it. Bob pretended to be upset about that...but then said he didn't care. Neither of the other 2 brothers even know how to get ON the Internet, (and they don't even want to know), but have heard from other family members that I put them online. For the record, I don't generally put anyone's full name on anything on my blog, and the pictures I had on FB were in a private family group, that you have to have permission by me or one of my siblings to even join. They were not accessible to anyone other than other family members.

Just so you know, the only reason I put pictures and or videos of them singing, is to show the world what good-looking, talented siblings I have!


Joyful Noise said...

Good cover at the end!...

Qtpies7 said...

LOL You know, if they don't get online, then they can't say! LOL Tell them that being online is the price they pay for having a famous sister who blogs. Even though it is on facebook that noone can see unless they KNOW you personally.

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