Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Few Fine Feathered Friends

I'm finding (a bit to my surprise), that I'm enjoying a bit of birdwatching these days. Not that I would necessarily go out on hikes and look for specific species or anything, but since we've moved out here in the country, where we are surrounded by trees and ponds, there seems to be an abundance of them right outside my window.I've watched a few of these blue jays throughout the winter months, and have even been awakened twice by their tap-tap-tapping on my windowsill...the window happens to be situated smack dab in the middle of our this is quite an effective alarm clock for me.

This morning, I had a couple of new visitors, the bright red color of this cardinal caught the corner of my eye, while I was on facebook this morning. This picture is a little blurry because I think the camera was focusing on the window screen.
He was very shortly joined by his wife. She is a little hard to see here, but I guess that's why God made the females so much less conspicuous than their mates...for their own protection.

They were both posed "pretty as a picture" for a few minutes, right in front of my window...but alas, that is when my camera decided it needed fresh batteries!! I did manage to get this one of the pair, (he is next to the tree, and she is in the foreground here), after replacing the batteries. Right after that, he hopped behind the tree.
I'm thinking that it might be fun to get a bird feeder to put right here outside my window, since they all seem to like to hang out here anyway. I'll also keep my camera nearby, to try to catch them...which is easier said than done...birds can be so "flighty." Just when I think I'm all focused in for the perfect picture...they jump to another branch or take off to the skies.


Joyful Noise said...

I love blue jays and cardinals...beautiful creatures! Just make sure to get birdseed WITHOUT thistles in it!!

I'm Losing It! said...

They won't eat thistles?? Not that I would either, as far as that goes. LOL!

byoc said...

I've been doing a little bird watching also - The turkeys I posted were taken a couple of miles from the house, but the other day I did see a couple of hens in the drive way. We have a birdfeeder - but I like to call it a bait station for the cat. We generally see blue jays, pigeons, and chickadees - and an occasional cardinal and robin. I've also seen quail crossing the drive way.

Sarah said...

I love watching birds! I wish we could afford seed for them! We have had new ducks on the lake this year, too!

I think Male Cardinals are one of my favorites! Great pictures!

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