Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday 2009

Easter morning at home:
This is the beautiful Easter lily I got from Christian for Easter, and the roses that I received from my DH when I returned from our Duluth trip...well the yellow ones were from him...the pink one is from my DD, Molly! Shhhhh....don't tell anyone...but I think she actually missed me.

And believe it or not, Molly also begged her sister to buy these cute slippers for her to give to me as an Easter present too...(see, she DOES love her mom). Thanks, Molly, I love them!!

This may look like a very obvious place to find a camouflage Easter basket...but CJ was standing on our bed...looking at Grandpa's basket on his dresser...and looking right past his own basket that was hanging from "Buck's" nose. It must have been the camo!

After finding Easter baskets, we headed to church for choir practice and a pancake breakfast put on by the youth group. We had a beautiful Resurrection Sunday service. Ray and I were in the choir, which was part of the largest musical ensemble we've ever had up on our stage at church. There were guitars, violin, flute...you name it...we even had a brass section! I wish I'd thought to bring my camera and take a picture of it. I couldn't really tell what it sounded like to the congregation, but I've heard it was pretty good. We also had more people attend than we have probably EVER had on a Sunday at our church!!

After church, Jess and CJ got home before we did. She snapped a couple of pics of him with my camera. Here's my grandson:
"On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand?"
Yeah, that sounds good for Easter Sunday.

Caught in mid-air...Good job, Jess!

When we got home, we had to get a picture of Christian and Grandpa in their green Easter shirts. Bart, what are YOU doing in this picture...you're not wearing your green Easter shirt!

Then we all got in the picture...except for Jessica, who was taking it, that is. Don't you love the implements of destruction in the background?? Can you tell it's Spring in Minnesota? We've got the rakes AND the snow shovel out...you never can tell which one you might need this week.

After a light lunch of egg salad sandwiches and a nap, Ray needed to head to the airport, to pick up his daughter Sarah and her husband Brad. They were returning from Washington, DC. The rest of us, Jessica, Molly, CJ and I, hopped in Jessica's car and headed out to my parent's house for an Easter egg hunt and dinner with the family. Ray, Sarah and Brad joined us there, in time for dinner.

The start of the Easter egg hunt at my parents' house. My sister, Laurie (farthest to the left here), organized the whole thing, and her daughter Rachel and son-in-law, Kurt hid 85 candy-filled eggs for the kids. Rachel and Kurt are in the upper right-hand corner of this pic. Thanks, guys!
The kids quickly disappeared around the corner of the house, so I didn't get a real good picture.

The older kids, Molly and her cousin Tanner, who are both 12, helped the little ones find eggs, and found a few for themselves, that were hidden in the less obvious places just for them.

Little Shelby thought the Easter Bunny had really hidden them out a ways and ran as fast as she could out to the cornfield! Big sister, Lacy had to run after her and retrieve her.

Here's CJ with his eggs all in one basket! He won a prize for having found so many eggs, it's a kite he's holding in his other hand.

This is my sister-in-law, Rose, her two little girls, Liz & Katie and my sister Kathy (and in the very corner) her two little boys, Tiegen and Grayson. The little girls got there a little late for the hunt...but were still able to find quite a few eggs.

All the kids playing on G & G's playground.

Then all seven of us, (Brad and Sarah, Molly, Jessica and CJ, and Ray and I), went home and went to bed after a very, very long day.


Joyful Noise said...

Looks like lots of fun! It was such a beautiful day wasn't it?!

Sarah said...

Great day! It was so nice out! I enjoyed your pictures! I think the slippers are adorable!

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