Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week 24 Weigh-In ~ A Pretty Good Week

I was debating whether or not to weigh in last night at all, since I'm considering doing the every other week thing now to save money...but in the end, I bit the bullet and went and weighed in. The week had gone better than I thought, even with eating an entire order of Applebee's honey bbq'd wings last Friday night, I ended up losing 1.8 lbs for the week. That makes a total of 37.4 lbs gone so far.

We have been having fun visiting with my cousin and her husband, and went to a family get-together at my Aunt and Uncle's house on Sunday night. Tonight will be their last night in this area, so we're going to my parents' house tonight to see them one more time. I'll try to post some pics of us as soon as we have a 'puter that works better than this one does. I'm taking two computers to my son in a few minutes...hopefully he can make one that works out of the two. Catch y'all later...


Sarah said...

Congrats *again* Jeannie! You are doing super! I am really looking forward to being back on board with WW. I have been doing horrible lately~ seriously. I think I need a kick in the rear!

I am glad you had fun with your cousin!

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