Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eight Years Ago Today

On Sunday, our pastor did a sermon on marriage. He said that second marriages last an average of only 7 years. We were happy to know that we've beat the odds. This is the 2nd marriage for both of us, and we have made it 8 years as of today. Can you believe that Molly, (my cute little flower girl) barely came up to my waist at that time? She's taller than I am now. From left to right: my son Joel, Ray's son Dan, my daughter Jess, me, my dd Molly, Ray, his daughter Sarah, my son Jeremy and his dd Ruth.

We figured we had the perfect wedding party right there, and didn't have to ask anyone else to be in the wedding. The good news? I can actually get into my wedding dress again! Some day I'd like to be able to get into the size I wore the first time I got married, but that's not likely to happen any time soon. Oh well. Happy Anniversary Honey!


Qtpies7 said...

Happy Anniversary!

I tagged you for a meme.

Movers4life said...

Happy Anniversary, way to beat the odds!:0)

Sarah said...

OH, That is super, Jeannie!! Happy Anniversary! You and Ray are super! It is fun to see the then picture...it would be really fun to see your whole wedding party in the now!

AWESOME that you can fit into your wedding dress from back then!! Way cool! Keep it up!

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