Monday, September 22, 2008

Guess Who's Coming To Visit?

Dan and Hayden! Dan is my step-son, who lives out in Oregon with his wife, Terianna and their son Hayden who will be 9 months old tomorrow. "T" is gone to Italy with her mother for a couple of weeks, so in the meantime Dan and his son will be visiting with us here in MN. Here is a pic of the two of them:

We'll be picking them up at the airport tonight at about 11 pm. Grandpa Ray couldn't be more excited. We haven't seen Dan since we went out to OR for their wedding last Summer, and we've only met Hayden once. He was here for a very brief visit with his mother in July. It should be fun to get to know him a little better this time. Dan is going to help Ray with a job he's doing while he's here, at least for a couple of days, which means I'll get to spend some quality time alone with Hayden. I'm sure we'll have a great time together while his dad and grandpa are busy working. It's been awhile since I've had a baby in the house, but I'm sure it's like riding a bike, it will all come back to me, right?


Sarah said...

I am sure you two will have a grand time together! Fun that Ray will get to spend time with his son and grandson! How great! I hope the flight and drive go well!

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