Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ughhhh...People Who Create Viruses Ought to be SHOT!

I've been dealing with trying to get "Antivirus XP 2008" off of this computer. It is NOT an antivirus protection program at all...but is in truth a "Trojan Horse" virus. Yuck!!! I have most of it gone, so that I can at least blog. I now have a theory too...I'm pretty sure that my other computer was infected with it, causing it to slow way down and then eventually crash. I'm not positive about that...but it's possible.

Protect yourselves, people! I didn't have any kind of virus protection on this one because it is an old borrowed computer, but I need to get something on it...even if it is a free one. Just to make sure I don't pass anything along, I'm not going to be emailing anyone from this computer. I don't know if I can spread it that way or not...but I'm not going to take the chance. Hopefully, I can figure out how to get the rest of it gone in the next few days.


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