Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who Is This Kid???

My 11yo dd, Molly decided to take it upon herself to change her look recently. She and her friend did this at her friend's house. At first, I was very upset, and still don't especially care for it, but I'm getting used to it. Here she is "before" and "after". What do you think of her new look? I'm thinking this too shall will just take a while for it to grow out. As long as she doesn't come home with a pierced nose or tongue, (don't get any ideas Mo), or starts to wear nothing but black and chains etc...I guess she'll be okay. If she does that, I'll have to send her to military school or something.

She has also grown so much over the summer, that people don't even recognize her, (especially with the black hair). She was at the doctor this morning...she is officially 5' 8" and a whopping 114.5 lbs...yes, on the doctor's scale. I suppose she could be a model some day...but I have higher expectations for her than that. Believe it or not, she's not just another pretty face...the girl has a brain too...(even though she sometimes doesn't put it to great use). She just got her Spring testing results back today, and has once again scored higher than the average student in the school, the district, and the state in both Math and Reading. Maybe there's hope for my "little" girl yet.


Qtpies7 said...

I'm with Michal, it could be worse. LOL
Hair color is not a big deal and Molly is a smart girl.

Sarah said...

Yep, could be worse, and it is just hair color. I really like the back middle section (the chocolate brown color). The jet black is a little much, but it will grow out. Molly is a pretty girl....and smart, too! :)

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