Monday, June 9, 2008

Week 10 Weigh In ~ 80 Sticks of Butter - Gone!

That sounds a little more impressive than 20 lbs, doesn't it? Yup, I finally did it. I lost the first 15 lbs in about 6 weeks, but it has taken me almost a month to get that last five off. Not that I'm done, mind you...I've still got a loooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggg way to go, but it's a great start.

Someone reminded me of the old "sticks of butter" thing. I remember about 24 years ago, when I was first on my way to lifetime status, we used to compare our weight loss to a lot of different things, for instance:

  1. 5 lbs = a small bag of sugar or flour

  2. 10 lbs=a sack of potatoes

  3. 15 lbs =a rather large cat

  4. 20 lbs = a standard bag of dog food

The first time I did this, my son Joel was not even a year old yet. He weighed somewhere around 20 lbs by the time I'd lost that much. That made it very easy to comprehend exactly how much weight I'd lost. Obviously, I carried him around all the time. Eventually, I ended up losing almost as much as my 4 year old weighed at the time: 35 lbs. I wish I only had that much to lose now, but wishing isn't going to get me anywhere, is it?

There was one lady who had lost 90 lbs on WW, and said that after she lost her next 10 lbs, she was going to go to the grocery store and have someone lay ten 10 lb bags of potatoes on her, just to see what it felt like. I don't know if I want to go that far, but someone else pointed out that if you fill a 5 gallon jug with water and try to carry's not easy. Wow! you never think of losing (or gaining) five lbs as being that big of a deal, but if you think of it in terms of water, you wouldn't want to carry those jugs too far, would you? I've been carrying around waaayy to much weight for waaayyy to long. Time to start melting off the next 20 sticks of butter...


Jody J said...

Awesome - way to go!!! I'd say we could go celebrate but being pregnant - I'd want DQ soft serve and that wouldn't help the next 20 lbs... That is gross to think about it as 80 sticks of butter on your body...eeeewwww!

Sarah said...

COngratulations, Jeannie! That is so exciting! Keep it up! I love looking at the weight in terms of items! It is more rewarding and astonishing!

byoc said...

Congratulations! I'd like to drop 20lbs what ever way you look at it. I think I'm starting to lose a little - from the bottom up. My shoes don't want to stay on my feet.

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