Monday, May 12, 2008

Week 6 Weigh In ~ Going Down...

Whew! I had a 2 lb loss this week! I know I was down a few more pounds somewhere around Thursday or Friday, but with the weekend I just had...I was happy for any loss at all. I got another 5 lb star sticker for my WW bookmark, so that was encouraging. My total weight loss so far is: 16.2 lbs! And no...I never did get on that treadmill, (that is sitting about 6 ft away from me staring at me at the moment), but I did buy myself some new tennis shoes...maybe, just maybe tomorrow will be the day.

I met a gal at the meeting tonight, who has lost just over 50 lbs in 4 mos! Wow~ if I could do that, I could have 50 lbs off by age 50! But I know to do that...I'm going to have to exercise.


Sarah said...

WOOO-HOO!! Great job, Jeannie!! That is super!, jump on the tread mill with your new tennis shoes! :) I am saying that in Love~
WOW~ 50 pounds in 4 months! That is crazy!
I need to get out and walk today(hopefully without rain). I didn't weigh in last night because I had MOPS. I have only 2 more days that I can weigh in. (legally).

I like your photo slide! Fun pictures!

Qtpies7 said...

You can do it! I am going to work hard at it, too. I want to lose 50lbs. I can't imagine doing it in 4 months! But if I could really do it in 4 months, then it would well be worth the pain of exercise. The soda is GONE from my life, and I am eating healthier, so that I don't have to deprive myself of the good stuff, but I am totally not craving the bad foods since I gave up soda!

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