Friday, May 23, 2008

KOFFEE House Karaoke Tonight!

I'm not the only one that didn't realize the first major holiday weekend of the "Summer" was upon us already. I stopped at a garage sale this morning and overheard the lady running it tell another shopper, I planned it for this weekend because I didn't want to have it on Memorial Day weekend! Only after placing the ad in the paper, did she find out she actually was having it on the holiday weekend.

We have no actual plans for the weekend, other than, tonight is our monthly K.O.F.F.E.E. House Karaoke at church. My dh and I own our own Karaoke system, but never really got the business off the ground, for a number of reasons. In addition to the country, rock, pop and folk standards etc., we have added quite a bit of Christian worship and Praise music to our collection over the years. We started doing a monthly Karaoke night at our church about a year ago. We were really hoping to turn it into a low-key outreach opportunity. We figured church members would come, bring along their relatives, friends and neighbors - just to get people in the door, that maybe would not feel comfortable coming to a service on Sunday quite yet. I came up with Karaoke Outreach For Fun, Evangelism and Entertainment for a name, and everyone seemed to like it. So far, it has not caught on as well as we had hoped, but we do have our own little following that come out each month. We serve coffee, my good friend, Jody usually brings us some yummy food to eat, and we all have a great time. The rest of them really don't know what they're missing.

Sarah, (Sassyfrazz) and her hubby usually come out and sing with us. They're both great singers. Our other good friend, Lisa, (QTpies7) and her husband come to, although they don't generally do a lot of singing. Once in awhile we all get up there and sing some favorite like, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". When that happens, there are more people on the stage than in the audience...but that's okay.

If you were taken by surprise by the early holiday weekend too, and find yourself looking for something to do tonight...come on out! We start at about 7:30 pm and go 'til about 11:30. We promise, we won't make you sing if you don't want to...and if you always wanted to try karaoke, but were afraid to...this is a really casual, comfortable setting to try it in.


Qtpies7 said...

Haha! We fooled ya, huh? Getting Donnie up there is the battle, then he has fun. I enjoy singing in a group.

Sarah said...

That was a fun night!! I am a bit surprised that you put the city we are in on your blog!~~

Karaoke is always a fun time! Even with our "klick"!

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