Sunday, April 20, 2008

Now I really AM losin' it!

My voice that is! I woke up this morning with a bit of a sore throat, but went to church anyway. This afternoon, my voice is getting worse and worse, and sometimes comes out in just a whisper.

How frustrating, not to be able to talk. Especially on the telephone, that's got to be there worst. I spoke to my daughter and grandson on the phone earlier today, and had been telling them a few days ago about our newly remodeled "frog bathroom". My 3yo grandson, CJ, was asking me about it. He said, "Gammra, is your frog bathroom done?" I said, "Yes it is," in a very hoarse, whisper-y kind of voice.

My daughter said, "Sounds like Grandma has a frog in her throat!" CJ seemed a bit confused by this, and probably thinks his grandma has taken to eating amphibians, but he replied, "Gammra, you got a frog in your throat? You gotta go to church to get that frog out of your throat!"
I suppose he's right. From the mouths of babes...


Qtpies7 said...

He's a funny little guy!
I hope your voice gets better soon! Karaoke this weekend!

I can easily give you the recipe to the cake, it was in Wilton's 2003 book.

Sarah said...

That is so cute! Sorry that you are not having much luck with your throat! I hope you heal quickly!

How did your weigh-in go tonight??

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