Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nine Years, Side by Side...What a Roller Coaster Ride!

Oh, we ain't got a barrel of money,

Maybe we're ragged and funny,

But we'll travel along,

Singing a song,

Side by


Ray and I were married nine years ago today. In that nine years, we've had a lot more "poorer" moments than "richer," but I do have to say we've also had a lot more "health" than "sickness" too...and for the most part, there has been much more "better" than "worse."

In the past nine years, we've been through...5 of our 7 children graduating from High School, (one had already), several of them attending college, with 1 of them graduating and becoming an RN! Two children serving in the armed forces, (including one doing a tour in Iraq). Four of our kids getting married, (and one eventually getting divorced). We've been blessed with three beautiful grandsons (so far)! Suffered a miscarriage of our own, and a stillborn grandson. Endured open-heart surgery (mine), we lost his mother and my sister in the same year...lost our home to forclosure, moved TWICE in the last 3 years...(while staying in the same town). I would say we've literally been through "thick and thin," but unfortuately, we aren't quite to "thin" yet! We did both lose a lot of weight last year, but I've let a lot of it creep back on. He lost more than I did, and has probably kept more of it off too...the struggle continues...

We've definitely had our ups and downs --in more ways than one over the years, but I know that we will be together for as long as we both shall live...Just as long as we remember that it was God who put us together in the first place, and keep our eyes firmly focused on Him... Then we can get through anything, and... "We'll travel the road, sharing our load...Side by Side!" Happy Anniversary, Honey!


Kathy said...

Beautiful, Jean.. Happy Anniversary!

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