Monday, May 18, 2009

Key Problems

My niece, Holly got married on Saturday. She and Nate had been dating for approximately seven years, and it was a beautiful wedding. I have pictures that I'll probably post later, I think my camera is in Ray's truck at the moment. I just wanted to share an interesting story. Last Thursday, I had driven Ray's truck into SC to meet him there, after he and his daughter had gone to a funeral in another town South of there. That way, Sarah was able to continue North to her home in Bemidji, without bringing her dad all the way back here.

Anyway, up until Saturday morning, I had my set of keys (with my house key on it), and the extra set of truck keys both in my purse. That is, until I was looking for something in there, and emptied most of the contents out of it, onto the table. When we were leaving for the wedding, I looked at the two sets of keys, and even though I felt a bit of a "nudge" to pick up both sets and put them back in my purse, I decided that would just make my purse heavy, and seemed stupid. Why in the world would I need the extra set of truck keys anyway, when Ray has a set himself?? I have decided over the years that when I get these little "promptings" to do something, I should obey them and just do it, as long as it's nothing that will hurt anyone. Silly me...I ignored it this time. Well, I kind of half ignored it. I did pick up my set of keys.

The wedding, reception and dance were all held at one place on Saturday. My daughter, Jessica was with us, but had driven separately. After dinner, we were sitting and chatting and I was enjoying some coffee. If you know me, you know I love my coffee. I had just received the nice coffee mug that Jess had ordered for me for Mother's day in the mail that day, so it was in the truck. I said, something to the effect that I should go out and get it, wash it out and fill it up, so I wouldn't have to keep refilling the small cup. Jessica offered to go out and get it. Ray gave her the keys to the truck, and out she went. At about 8pm, she left the wedding dance to go to Minneapolis and celebrate her best friend's birthday with her. Ray and I stayed and enjoyed watching the dancing, limbo and all sorts of other fun stuff, until approximately 11:00 PM.

We said our goodbyes to my brother Dan and his wife, Lori and also to the newlyweds, Holly and Nate. We walked out to the parking lot and Ray asked, "Where are my keys?" "Do you have my keys?" I'm pretty sure the realization hit us both, as it sunk in that we'd given the keys to Jess...and they were now with her in Minneapolis! I called her, and sure enough...that's exactly where they were. She felt terrible about it, but what could she do? It would take her a couple of hours to get them back to us, so I came up with another plan. I wondered if there was anyone there, who was planning on taking a cab home, because they'd perhaps had a bit too much to drink...this was a wedding after all. We went back in and talked to a couple of turned out that my brother Bob and his wife Rose were planning to do just that, and they were gracious enough to lend their vehicle to us to drive home. We were ready to go...after Ray figured out where all the controls were etc...we just started to roll...and there was someone pounding on the driver's door window! It was Bob. He'd left HIS keys to their house and his other vehicle on the seat of this one. They were behind me on the seat and I hadn't even seen them! It would not have been good if they'd taken a cab home, only to realize they couldn't get into their own house!!

Speaking of house keys, it was a good thing I'd grabbed the ONE set of keys and put them back in my purse, or we would have had to break into our own house! Before I went to bed, I hung the extra truck keys and my house key up by the back door. Sunday morning, I got into my brother's car to go to church, and Ray came out and got in. He asked me if I had my purse, I said "Yes, why?" He said, because then we have a key to get in the house...I just looked at him. "No, we don't. I used it to get in last night, and then hung it by the door", I told him. All through church, I was trying to figure out if there was any way we could get into our house. Did I leave the side door open? Did Molly have a key with her at her friend's house?

It turned out that she did not have a key, she said it had come off of her school bag and she THINKS it is is in her school locker...but thankfully, she had unlocked the side door earlier on Saturday...and we were able to get in, and grab the spare truck keys, so we could pick up the truck and return my brother's to him later that day! WHEW!! Thanks again, Bob and Rose!!!


Sarah said...

What a story! Keys are such an important thing! Good thing it all worked out for you!

Workship said...

That's an amazing story! Wow! I'm glad you were able to get home and get in. I've made the same commitment to promptings, but still occasionally flub up. What a web of keys! :-) Daisy

Qtpies7 said...

Wow! What excitement! LOL We have so been there. We frequently all leave with all the sets of Geo keys, leaving the last person with the Geo and no key.

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